A Dog's Life Toronto Inc.

There is a special bond between ourselves and our pets that reminds us of how pleasent and enjoyable our lives can be. We know we owe them the best we can provide and its our job to work with you to make that a possibility.

It should be a very comfortable feeling to go away for a day or a week and even to work long hours knowing that your loved one is being cared for as if they were a part of the family... because they are. Not only are they part of your family, they also become a part of ours as well. A Dog’s Life Toronto Inc is a modest pet care provider and we only accept a limited number of dogs in our care at any one time. We believe that if we follow this philosophy, we never lose focus of our goals and can better focus on the individual needs of each of our clients and their four-legged friends, while giving you both the peace of mind that you deserve.

we strive to meet all of the needs and demands that owning a pet in the big city (that never sleeps) can present, allowing you to take comfort in the fact that your dog has a home away from home.

Our goal is to make pet care (cats and dogs) affordable, reliable and worry free for everyone.


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Phone: 416-836-5687

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